Leadership in the Water Sector in Egypt

GIZAPPLICATIO supports the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in the conceptualization and planning of a Leadership Journey for the water sector in Egypt in the frame of the programme "Improved agricultural water productivity to enhance adaptation to climate change". The concept aims at developing leadership competencies amongst project stakeholders and in enabling and support change agents to implement change projects in the sector.

In the first step APPLICATIO will plan the intervention in detail with all partners involved. Based on this planning the programme will be implemented in 2014. APPLICATIO's support in the first phase consists of:

  • Needs-Assessment in cooperation with the programme management in Egypt incl. interviews with stakeholders
  • Drafting of a programme concept 
  • Presentation of the concept to GIZ and the Ministry in Egypt 
  • Planning and implementation of a kick-off Workshop with possible change agents in December 2013

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