MMB E-Learning Ranking


Hamburg/Essen, October 2012. The "mmb-Monitor E-Learning 2012" shows a new record in total turnrover within the E-Learning sector and for the first time lists APPLICATIO amongst the top-30 in the sector... very promising, taking into consideration APPLICATIO's specialisation in international development projects.

For the fith time the "MMB-Institut für Medien- und Kompetenzforschung" has developed the "MMB E-Learning-Ranking". As in the previous years MMB calculated the anual turnover of the sector as well as the number of employees involved as well as the turnover for the most important E-Learning services.

APPLICATIO is listed as follows:

  • Overall ranking: 29 place
  • Consulting: 23 place
  • Development: 24 place
  • Adaptation: 16 place
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