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APPLICATIO web-site is climate neutral!

Hamburg, October 2014. As of November 1, 2014 the web-site of APPLICATIO Training & Management GmbH is climate neutral. APPLICATIO entered into a partnership with, an initiative that describes itself as a global climate project. More than 2500 companies from all over the world have joint the initiative so far.

With this new approach APPLICATIO adheres to its responsibility for our environment - and further supports - already for years APPLICATIO is neutralising international flights of its staff via atmosfair - protection of natural resources in order to ensure sustainable living conditions in our one world.

APPLICATIO is engaged in numerous climate projects e.g. in the field of REDD+ or transboundary water management and thus feels that joining such an initiative is only a logic consequence!

All web-sites produce CO2-emissions due to energy consumption. calculated the emissions based on the numbers of visitors of each web-site. In order to ensure CO2-reduction of participating web-sites the initiative implements various projects. The CO2-compensation are validated by renowned Deloitte on a continuous basis.

As CO2-emissions are transboundary APPLICATIO is especially happy that web-sites from all continents joined the initiative so far. The initiative is financially supported by Denmark and others. Members of the Board are Morten Nielsen, Niels Dupont (Director Windenergy Denmark), Gert Zimmer (Oestjysk Innovation and Ministry of Economy, Science, Technology and Innovation) and Lars Ribe (University Aarhus).

  • More information on the initiative can be found here
  • The Certificate of APPLICATIO can be found here
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