APPLICATIO to be Official Joomla! Learning Partner

Joomla_learning_partner.pngAPPLICATIO as Joomla! Learning Partner

Hamburg, July 2016. Since July 2016 and as one of the first ever, APPLICATIO has become an official Joomla! Learning Partner. This includes a quality guarantee for participants in and Joomal! related training as well as the right for APPLICATIO to prepare participants for Joomla! exams, offer the exams and certify successful participant. Furthermore, APPLICATIO officially supports the further development of the certification programme of the open source content management system.

The Joomla! certification program ensures the competence of Joomla professionals through a tangible measurement of skills and knowledge. A professional certification can play an important role in the decision of a company or business owner when hiring skilled individuals for specific roles. 

The Joomla! Administrator Exam is the first available certification exam. It covers topics related to Joomla! users who have access to the backend as Super Users and perform an Administrator role. This exam validates a user’s ability to:

  • understand Joomla's basic architecture
  • manage content
  • manage users and access
  • manage website extensions, components, modules and plugins
  • manage multilingual websites

Exams are taken on site, they are computer based, in a multiple choice format. A total of 60 questions need to be answered in 90 minutes.  The exam is currently only available in English. As soon as enough translators have passed the exam, we will offer the exam in different languages. This approach is necessary in order not to exclude anyone from taking the exam.

The whole examination programme is still under development form the official Joomla! side as well as form APPLICATIOS side. In case you are interested in APPLICATIO future offers, please send us an e-mail. More information about the Joomla! Learning Partner Programme you can find here and regarding the exams here


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