APPLICATIO supports the "Principles for Digital Development".

Hamburg, December 2018: Since December 1, APPLICATIO officially supports the "Principles for Digital Development" and endorses  these guidelines in projects with digital components. The nine guidelines are intended to help digital development practitioners integrate established best practices into technology-supported programs.

With the advent of accessible digital technology more than a decade ago, international development organisations began seeking new ways of including digital tools in their programming for improved outcomes. These efforts were initially quite successful; significant advancements occurred in various sectors such as health and agriculture, more communities around the globe were connected, and underserved populations were reached in a way that had not been possible before. However, some digitally-enabled programs failed – and quite often that failure was for reasons that were both predictable and preventable.

The principles include:

  • Design with the User
  • Understand the Existing Ecosystem
  • Design for Scale
    Build for Sustainability
  • Be Data Driven
  • Use Open Standards, Open Data, Open Source, and Open Innovation
  • Reuse and Improve
  • Address Privacy & Security
  • Be Collaborative


More inforamtion about the principles can be found here (https://digitalprinciples.org/) and on APPLICATIO's engagement in the frame of the initiative, here (https://digitalprinciples.org/endorse/endorsers/)