CO2 neutral - our role in fighting climate change

With immediate effect APPLICATIO donates the equivalent amount for the greenhouse gases which were caused by the flight used in course of international projects via atmosfair ( to projects worldwide. 

The environmental damage caused by the flight cannot be undone - just as a dental filling cannot restore a tooth. However, analogue to dental issues, it is advisable to attempt in fixing the problem, than rest on the ill-founded believe that by ignoring the problem it will miraculously solve itself.

How does that work? APPLICATIO pays voluntarily for the greenhouse gases that our employees on international flights in course of international projects cause to be released. The money is invested, for example, in solar power, hydro power, biomass, or energy-efficiency projects to thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an amount whose affect on the climate would be comparable to the aircraft's emissions. atmosfair finances projects in developing countries. APPLICATIO's money helps make these projects possible.

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