IDC.pngInternational Development Consult - I.D.C. supports the development and international competitiveness of companies from trade, industry and services as well as public institutions and organisations (of the civil society) through e.g.

  • Organisational development
  • Transfer of adapted know-how
  • Development of international markets and export promotion
  • Management and leadership consulting
  • Product and service development and marketing planning
  • Promotion of existing personnel through training and further education measures
  • Selection and use of technologies that combine economy and ecology
  • Use of alternative energies, e.g. on the basis of waste from agriculture and forestry
  • Sustainable forestry

The focus of I.D.C.'s work is on advising SMEs, associations, chambers, educational institutions and networks.

I.D.C.'s services are developed and provided on a project- and customer-specific basis. International consulting and project management services are based on systematic planning and implementation:

  • regional and subject-specific experience
  • intercultural management and
  • the ability of the partners involved to cooperate


I.D.C. offers a wide range of services for international project development and execution. The focus of our services lies in the following areas:

  • Regional business development concepts and strategies
    APPLICATIO supports international organisations, governments and institutions in the development and implementation of business development strategies. In addition to the development of feasible strategies for regions and sectors in partnership, APPLICATIO concentrates on practical implementation by advising local partners.
  • Vocational Training, Education Systems, Education Strategies, Education Methods
    For countries as well as education institutions APPLICATIO develops (focus on vocational training) systems and implementable, practical strategies and methodological approaches. Basis are skills-based approaches and modern methods of modern adult education and capacity development. Additionally, APPLICATIO concentrates in distance education and E-Learning.
  • Sector Analyses and Development Concepts
    APPLICATIO develops sector strategies and advises partners in their development. In addition to stakeholder-based approaches one focus is on value chain analyses and value chain development.
  • Pre-Feasibility Studies / Feasibility Studies, Development of Business Plans and Development of Strategies for SMEs
    ;On behalf of enterprises and/or international institutions APPLICATIO gives advice to SMEs in business development through joint preparation of studies, analyses and strategies. APPLICATIO’s advice during implementation completes the service.
  • Human Resource Development and Management Strategies
    APPLICATIO gives advice to institutions, organisations, NGOs and networks in human resource development and management development / leadership based on values development, transparency and trust. Personnel management and personnel motivation are just as much the focus as organisational forms.
  • Organisation Analysis and Consulting
    APPLICATIO supports all kinds of organisations in the analysis and optimisation of the organisations to effectively and efficiently achieve their own goals. The focus is on networks, NGOs and educational institutions.
  • Support of Change Processes
    As the world changes, so must organisations to remain competitive and to achieve their goals. APPLICATIO develops participatory change strategies and implements them step-by-step with the partners.
  • Market Studies, Market Investigations / Initiation of Contacts and Promotion of Co-operations
    APPLICATIO creates and/or supports partners in the preparation of market studies and market analyses especially for international trade. In addition, APPLICATIO provides contacts and collaborations.
  • International Project Management
    Since its foundation in 1993 APPLICATIO planned and implemented/supported partners in more than 480 international projects. The range of services includes all steps of the analysis, project development and strategic planning to implementation and monitoring.
  • Evaluation of Development Projects
    In addition to the development and implementation of projects APPLICATIO evaluates projects of international organisations and makes suggestions for improvement. Main focus is on project progress and finalisation according to OECD-DAC criteria and impact analyses.
  • Networking and Management
    Networks play an increasingly important role in development cooperation. The I.D.C. of APPLICATIO advises projects and partners on how to build networks, organise them and motivate them to cooperate. In addition to organisational development, the focus is on moderation and support of network building up to independence.

Through the close cooperation with the International Management & Marketing Academy (I.M.M.A.) of APPLICATIO and the eService all consulting tasks can be supported by training solutions. This is another major step towards sustainability of projects.

IDC.pngI.D.C. is a highly qualified technical consulting company without any commercial or political linkages. I.D.C. is control of high-level technical competence and independence, also specialised in the development of solutions adapted to individual needs that may well diverge from traditional methods from time to time.

I.D.C. has a large number of experts at its disposal to implement its range of services. They form a network of qualified, predominantly freelance consultants who cover a complex range of specialist knowledge and country or project experience.

Almost all of these experts are familiar with I.D.C.'s corporate policy principles and work methods through many years of successful collaboration in different countries. For support in specialised fields, e.g. in research into environment-related problems, socio-cultural and technical contexts, I.D.C. can rely on long-term linkages with internationally recognised technical institutions and/or university facilities whose specialised technical knowledge may be utilised in the development and implementation of optimal solutions.

Furthermore, I.D.C. collaborates closely with local consultants and consulting firms in the relevant project countries. Such co-operation is indispensable for the socio-cultural integration of the project work, but in particular for the sustained promotion of local consulting capabilities and technical competence, and has proven of great value.

Project activities of I.D.C. comprise all stages of international development co-operation, i.e.:

  • Identification of development potential and definition of tangible promotion options
  • Sector and regional analyses and formulation of long-term development strategies
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies in accordance with internationally accepted standards
  • Detailed technical planning
  • Tender procedures and procurement
  • Project implementation and monitoring
  • Structure of monitoring systems
  • Management support in private enterprises, governmental institutions and private promotion agencies (NGOs)
  • Project evaluation and project controlling
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