eService.pngWith its eService, APPLICATIO supports development cooperation projects and the development and international competitiveness of companies, organisations and industrial sectors.

Today, digital solutions and associated strategies enable more effective and efficient cooperation worldwide, support communication, data collection, evaluation and processing and support developments in the private sector, the civil sector and good governance worldwide.

The eService of APPLICATIO does not see itself as IT experts or programmers but as specialists in development cooperation with comprehensive digital competencies and experience. The focus is on the development goal, the achievement of which can be digitally supported.

APPLICATIO also relies on numerous digital solutions for data collection and analysis, e-learning, customer service and online collaboration in its own work.


eService.pngThe services of the eService of APPLICATIO include among others:

  • Strategy development
    Digital solutions are not an end in themselves, but should effectively support developments and project implementations and increase efficiency. APPLICATIO develops appropriate strategies with its partners and checks the feasibility.
  • Analysis and selection of tools and platforms
    eService supports partners in defining their requirements for digital solutions, identifies suitable instruments and analyses their usability and scalability. eService increasingly relies on Free and Open Source solutions to ensure sustainability and due to their adaptability to special requirements.
  • Set-up and maintenance
    eService takes over the installation, adaptation and maintenance of software solutions for projects and customers and ensures that they can work effectively and efficiently with their solutions (especially Free and Open Source).
  • Training of experts
    Together with I.M.M.A., eService plans and prepares the training of the experts for the use of new digital solutions and supports their use and set-up - both in presence as a workshop or coaching and virtually.
  • e-Learning
    eService supports projects and partners in all steps of the introduction and use of e-learning. Starting with the strategy development over the development of didactic models up to the course development, and execution eService accompanies all steps of the partners.

eService.pngeService of APPLICATIO mainly uses Free and Open Source Software in its projects and advises partners and projects in the area of the use of this software.

A small selection of particularly interesting products is presented here. These can be freely obtained, downloaded and used and are also actively included by APPLICATIO in its own work.


Moodle is one of the best known learning management systems ever. APPLICATIO uses Moodle for its own eAcademy.

Our installation can be found here:


CamStudio allows the user to record screen content and audio and make it available as video. AVI videos and/or Flash videos (SWFs) are created.


OwnCloud is a cloud solution similar to Dropbox with numerous advanced functions, such as calendars, task planning, etc. OwnCloud supports i.a. data storage, data sharing and synchronisation.

Our installation can be found here:  



Framadate is an online service that helps you to arrange appointments or make decisions. No registration is required.Our installation can be found here:


Group-Office (goffice) is an enterprise CRM and groupware tool. Share projects, calendars, files and e-mail online with co-workers and clients. Easy to use and fully customisable.


LimeSurvey is a survey and voting solution that APPLICATIO uses on its own servers in Germany for its own projects and third-party projects.

Our installation can be found here:


YOURLS steht für Your Own URL Shortener. Es ist ein kleiner Satz von PHP-Skripten, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, Ihren eigenen URL-Kürzungsdienst (a la TinyURL oder Bitly) auszuführen.

Our installation can be found here:

 osTicket Logo  

osTicket is a popular open source support ticket system. It seamlessly combines requests made via email, phone or online forms into one easy-to-use web-based interface.

Our installation can be found here:

Feel free to contact APPLICATIO at any time should you be interested in using our installations or seek assistance in setting-up your own installations of the above software solutions.

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