Impact-Oriented Monitoring

GIZThe Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) contracts APPLICATIO, in person of Thorsten Trede, as a member of the pool of Consultants for Impact-Oriented Monitoring. APPLICATIO is thus now available for all GIZ projects to assist in developing Impact-Oriented Monitoring Systems.

Development activities of German GIZ are outcome or impact-oriented. Based on the international standards and criteria of the Development Committee of the International Organization for Economic Development (OECD DAC) project success is evaluated not only on deliverables (outputs) to be achieved but in fact based on actual changes and development impact (Results).

Outcome-oriented monitoring systems developed with partners by GIZ in projects are standardised. They contribute to measuring impact increasingly complex programme and project structures and are developed to efficiently manage the development interventions.

Developing such monitoring systems is a challenging task in many projects worldwide. Against this background, the demand for support by external consultants in a variety of issues is increasing.

GIZ has therefore formed a pool of 25 consultants - one of them is APPLICATIO – that is ready to assist GIZ projects worldwide as a consultant in this field.


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