Labour Market and Career Guidance System - Mongolia

mca_mn_logo.pngThe Consortium APPLICATIO/PEM (APPLICATIO in cooperation with PEM Consult Düsseldorf) will develop a Labour Market Information System as well a Career Guidance System in Mongolia, being contracted by the Millennium Challenge Account Mongolia.

The project aims at reducing unemployment in Mongolia by improving labour market information systems and placing unemployed in adequate jobs as well as giving career guidance to young people in order to enable them to plan for a future oriented career.

The one year programme includes two international long-term experts as well as six national experts and will be implemented in close cooperation with the Central Labour Exchange Office in Mongolia. A database-assisted Labour Market Information System (LMIS) will be developed and staff of unemployment offices will be trained in its usage. In addition a web-based career guidance system (CGS) will be established incl. training of teachers and advisors.

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