Logo-WME.jpgAPPLICATIO has been contracted by West Mongolia Energy LLC to support its efforts to ensure energy productions and supply (electricity and heating)  in Western Mongolia. The private enterprise aims at establishing an own power plant in Uvs-Province on order to reduce electricity imports from Russia and make use of own resources. APPLICATIO supports the enterprise in developing project concepts, identifying financial resources and planning implementation.


The West Mongolia Energy LLC has its own coal mine in Northwest Mongolia and plans to add value to these resources by producing electric and heating energy in future. In the frame of project development APPLICATIO supports on several levels based on a step-by-step approach. In the first phase APPLICATIO :

  • Supports the evaluation of existing feasibility studies and advises on developing a new feasibility study
  • Supports the identification of financial resources mainly by identifying and establishing contact to Development Finance Institutions (DFIs)
  • Supports by identifying energy market experts worldwide in order to build a project development team

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