APPLICATIO has been contracted by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) with the development of an assessment of the alumni landscape in Namibia. The analysis aims at assessing the capacity of German development cooperation alumni to act effectively in Namibia and gauge their interest in cooperating with German development cooperation/international cooperation organisations, and in a subsequent step to derive options for action.

Germany alumni mainly comprise experts and managers from partner countries and from a range of sectors, performing various roles at different levels within their organisations, who received training with or from GIZ and its predecessors or DAAD, the Goethe-Institute, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation etc. and in most cases returned to their countries of origin. In the frame of the analysis APPLICATIO will identify alumni in Namibia and assess their interest and potential for cooperation and will finally develop recommendations for next steps. APPLICATIO's responsibilities include:

  • identify organised and non-organised alumni and alumni networks/structures and the institutions behind them, and assess them with regard to their coordination and the degree of formalisation and professionalisation;
  • establish the current level of qualifications of the alumni, their willingness to engage in potential future cooperation and the possible forms of cooperation;
  • identify the sectors in which the alumni work and compare these with the areas of activity for German development cooperation in Namibia;
  • identify, analyse and assess the (potential) benefit for international cooperation/ development cooperation organisations and their partner organisations in Namibia;
  • identify the alumni’s expectations of the German side and their needs;
  • clarify the potential for subject-specific and institutional cooperation for German international cooperation/development cooperation organisations on the ground with regard to joint support for the engagement of alumni in Namibia; 
  • draw up recommendations for action for the Namibia country office and the Global Partners of Germany programme;
  • present and discuss the results with German international cooperation/development cooperation organisations in Namibia (workshop format);
  • summarise the results of the analysis/exploration and the discussion of the results in English (final report);
  • in the event that appropriate potential has been identified, run a workshop with interested alumni, with the aim of establishing/reviving initial networks and discussing possible cooperation formats.

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