KVBBBP.pngAPPLICATIO has been contracted by sequa gGmbH (on behalf of Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)) and the Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt Rhein-Main to plan and facilitate a planning workshop (operational planning) for a vocational training partnership programme in Namibia. Jointly with sequa experts and experts from the Chamber of Crafts APPLICATIO facilitates bilateral partner meetings as well as a planning workshop with all stakeholders in the North of Namibia to jointly develop the operational plan for the project in Namibia. (Logo: (c) sequa)

The BBP programme is targeted at contributing to sustainable economic development and poverty reduction in the BMZ partner countries by improving the local vocational education and training system.

BBP projects are characterised by:

  • mobilising of the know-how of German BMOs and their VET Centres for development cooperation
  • promoting the cooperation of civil society actors in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity
  • building on private sector initiatives

In the frame of the projects, APPLICATIO will 

  • Support the planning of the missions
  • Facilitation of the planning workshop
  • Reporting

More information about the project from SEQUA can be found here

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