sequa_raute_2015.pngAPPLICATIO has - in the frame of the Chamber and Association Partnership Programme between DIHK and Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) - been contracted by SEQUA to plan and implement a training programme for experts of MNCCI on Value Chain Development. APPLICATIO will be planning and implementing a one-week workshop and additional online coaching in October 2016.

The target of the project is to raise the value of local products in selected Mongolian provinces in cooperation with the regional chambers and MNCCI. Thus, the project aims to improve the income situation as well as the job situation in rural areas of Mongolia. In the beginning of the project, value chain analyses are conducted in order to determine relevant products, key players and needs of the value chains. (APPLICATIO implemented the value chain analysis in the woll sector in this programme)

Project activities are than provided along the identified needs in cooperation with MNCCI, regional chambers, and other network partners in Mongolia. New services for chambers are developed and the role of chambers in support to the local value chains is strengthened.

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