APPLICATIO implements a study-tour for Mongolian Top-Managers of the largest state-owned enterprises of Mongolia in September 2017 in Hamburg. In the frame of this study and information visit, participants inform themselves about know-how and technology transfer mainly in the sectors of mining, environment and logistics. The participants will be visiting the Hamburg-region and will - apart from short seminars on Leadership and Change Management - visit renown companies (so far planned:  Holsten-Brewery, Airbus, "Energy Hill", Port of Hamburg, Unilever etc.).

APPLICATIO continuously offers such study-tours and Summer-Academies. these programmes are offered outside the "normal" frame of Development Cooperation sponsored projects and are financed by the participants, their sending companies or organisations in the sending country.

APPLICATIOs offers can include:

  • Support in logistical planning (incl. visa)
  • Planning of group-specific visit programmes
  • Planning and implementation of seminars and workshops
  • Support to participants during the whole visit incl. interpreter services
  • Support for and during free times

In case you are interested in sending your own group, please feel free to contact us and any time. 

APPLICATIO would like to thank the follwing companies for welcoming the goup of top-manager during the study tour:

dank mn 2017.png

E-WEB-Goal-08.png  E-WEB-Goal-17.png


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