zambia_wappen.pngAPPLICATIO was commissioned by the GIZ Programme "Partnerships for Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls in Southern Africa (PfP)", Zambia component to plan and develop a “flagship project” with the police in the Southern Province. APPLICATIO was commissioned to analyse training needs and design training programmes (most probably using blended learning approaches) in order to support the police force in Zambia in the fight against gender-based violence. 

According to OECD, Zambia has a very high level of discrimination against women and girls as well as high levels of acceptability of norms that tolerate and instigate Gender-Based Violence (GBV), especially Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG).

APPLICATIO's task include:

  • Training-needs analysis
  • Development of training concepts, methods and didactics
  • Development of training courses (blended incl. online modules)
  • Piloting of training modules 

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