gti logoAPPLICATIO has been commissioned by the GIZ Project "Support for Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia" (SRECA) to conduct a workshop on "Proposal Writing" for partners of the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) in Mongolia. The participants should be able to develop regional projects and apply for funding after the workshop.

The aim of the project is to improve the conditions for regional and global trade in selected priority countries - Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Mongolia within the framework of GTI - with the People's Republic of China in order to ensure that the interests of the countries are equally integrated into regional and global integration processes. Particular attention will be paid to agricultural products. 
The tasks of APPLICATIO include:
  • Preparation of the interactive workshop
  • Implementation of the interactive workshop
  • Postprocessing and
  • Coaching of the participants
Further information on GTI can be found here.
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