logo_dvv.PNGAPPLICATIO was commissioned by DVV International to conduct a needs assessment and planning for the development of a digital platform for adult education and learning (ALE) in Africa. The analysis includes a target group analysis, needs assessment, special interest, technical and digital possibilities of the target group etc. and the development of proposals for the development of such a platform.  

The platform, which will be developed in the next step, will support the exchange between Adult Education and Learning (ALE) professionals, programme staff and decision-makers in the field of ALE and non-formal education in Sub-Saharan Africa. It will be developed as a digital exchange and learning platform in close cooperation with a DVV partner in South Africa, the Nelson Mandela University.
APPLICATIO's assignment includes
  • Planning of the study design
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Survey among potential users and partners (interviews, online survey)
  • Data analysis
  • Development of proposals for the structure of the platform (content, technology, design, functionality)  
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