csm_Round_16474a2f09.PNGAPPLICATIO has been commissioned by DVV International to review the "Curriculum globALE" based on the worldwide experiences made so far and to make proposals for adaptation, extension and ligitisation. Curriculum globALE (CG) is an intercultural core curriculum for the training of adult educators worldwide, which was jointly developed by the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE) and DVV International. 

 In five modules, Curriculum globALE describes the relevant competences required to lead successful adult education courses and provides advice on how to implement them in practice. It is particularly relevant as it provides the opportunity to support capacity building of Adult Learning and Education (ALE) professionals in regions/countries where the training of qualified ALE professionals at the higher education level is not yet established. The curriculum globALE has been or is already being tested by DVV International in various project countries and its success is determined by the relevance of adult education and training in developing countries as well as by the universal training skills taught within the programme.

APPLICATIO's assignment includes:

  • Analysis of the experience gained from the use of Curriculum globALE
  • Development of improvement proposals
  • Development of proposals for the digitalisation of the curriculum 

More information on Currucoum globALE can be found here (https://www.dvv-international.de/en/materials/teaching-and-learning-materials/curriculum-globale/)

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